Precision ERS utilizes live testing environments simulating real world applications allowing us to provide the most reliable repair of defective electronic equipment from over 65 different manufacturers.


Component Level Repair
Our credentialed engineers and technicians specialize in identifying faulty components that will render a piece of electronic equipment defective.

Cosmetic Refurbishment
When your electronics are housed in an enclosure or plastic housing that requires refurbishment, Precision ERS has the ability to perform refurbishment to “like new” condition.

If your electronics require component or software upgrade, exchange or change out, Precision ERS has the experience and capability to perform those on an individual or bulk order basis.

Engineering Changes
When your electronics require that a design change take place, Precision ERS has the technical competency to implement those changes according to your specifications.

Supply Sales

Precision ERS provides both new and refurbished products manufactured by various OEMs.

Supply Sales

Asset Recovery
Precision ERS can assist you with selling assets or offer a solution to maximize the value of those assets.

Precision ERS provides solutions for selling off your inventory on a consignment basis, where you receive a percentage of the proceeds from each sale.

New & Pre Owned Sales
Precision ERS inventories thousands of new and pre-owned products that are available for purchase.


The Precision ERS team has the knowledge and proven experience to offer various types of logistics programs.


Asset Management
Precision ERS is a true turnkey solution, with over 20 years of experience providing storage and inventory management. Let us handle the warehousing, tracking and distribution of your inventory. We can help your business save time and money by optimizing your supply chain.

Emergency Advance Replacements
When you have a critical outage and need a replacement for a defective unit, Precision ERS provides emergency replacements.

Forward Stocking Locations
When you have an outage that is critical to your network, you need a tested/known good unit deployed to the field within 2 to 4 hours. Precision ERS will partner with you to store tested inventory in close proximity to your network locations.


Precision ERS offers a variety of customized solutions and services.


Disaster Recovery Services
When disaster strikes, Precision ERS can help replace destroyed or damaged products by selling refurbished equipment.

EOL Support
When the manufacturer discontinues repair on your products, Precision ERS has the niche capability to continue providing repair. In some cases, we can also offer technical support, allowing you to extend the life of your embedded products.

OEM Warranty Administration
In today’s multi-vendor industry, it can be difficult to determine if your equipment is under OEM warranty. Precision ERS has the industry knowledge to verify OEM warranty on defective field returns.

Recycling Services
When you are looking to liquidate excess inventory and maximize your return, Precision ERS offers various recycling services to help you accomplish that goal.

Reverse Engineering
Our staff of credentialed engineers and technicians utilize years of experience in component level repair to develop, test and repair on product platforms without documentation.

Reverse Logistics Management
Precision ERS specializes in support of products after the initial sale. From warranty management, to product repair and refurbishment, Precision ERS can customize solutions to meet your post sale requirements.

Technical Support
Our engineering staff has the ability to provide technical support on certain product platforms that we repair.

Test Development
Our experienced and proven engineers can develop test switches, test stations and documented test procedures for hundreds of product platforms.

Vendor Management
As a component of a complete repair program, Precision ERS has established relationships with a myriad of manufacturers and certified 3rd party repair providers to support the repair of all your defective field returns.