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Live Test Environments

Component Level Repair

Decades of Experience

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Repairing over 30,000 part numbers from various industries manufactured by hundreds of different OEMs.

Decades of Experience

Years of repair experience and technical data provides our engineers and technicians the resources necessary to diagnose product failures and faulty components that renders equipment defective.

Reverse Engineering

Precision ERS has developed a six-step process used to understand new technologies including the equipment’s usage, circuitry, functionality and how it is tested. Once understood, component availability is researched, test platforms, work instructions and test procedures are developed and repair training begins by our engineering team.

Live Testing Environment

Live Test simulation similiar to our customer’s field environment allows the Precision ERS team to test repaired equipment consistent with real world applications.

Key Performance Indicators

Precision ERS prides itself on our performance!  We have developed KPIs which track the most critical elements of the repair process on a daily, monthly, quarterly and annual basis.  This data is shared with our valued customers so they understand our commitment to performance and how that performance differentiates Precision ERS from other repair vendors.

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We have found that seeing is believing, current and prospective customers that have toured our facilities look to expand our relationships into long term partnerships.