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Supporting over 30,000 different part numbers manufactured by over 200 different OEMs


Utilizing live testing environments which simulate real world applications allows us to provide the most reliable repair of defective electronic equipment from over 200 different manufacturers. We specialize in component level repair and offer cosmetic refurbishment, retrofit and engineering changes (ECO) to offer a complete repair solution to our customers.

Supply Sales

Offering new and refurbished equipment from hundreds of OEMs. Precision ERS has over 120,000 square feet of warehousing space which enabled us to stock thousands of new and refurbished items and ship same day in most cases.


In addition to repair services, many of our customers take advantage of our turn-key Asset Management solution; we handle warehousing, tracking and distribution of your inventory and give you real-time view of your assets through our customer portal. We also offer Emergency Advance Replacements and Forward Stocking locations through our vast partner network.


We are proud to offer a full suite of services including EOL Support, OEM Warranty Administration, Reverse Engineering, Reverse Logistics, Technical Support, Test Development and Vendor management.